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About Online Auto Repair Videos

Online Auto Repair Videos was started by Tim & Silvia from Rocky Mount, NC who noticed that many people faced frustration when trying to find a suitable repair video to fix their car or truck online. They originally started making videos on YouTube, but felt branching out on their own would greatly benefit them, and their subscribers.

They realized that people were used to watching videos for free on YouTube, and they knew they would lose many subscribers, but they also knew that people who really appreciated the money our repair videos saved them, would support and follow them on their new venture, and THEY WERE NOT WRONG!

As of this report, Online Auto Repair Videos has over 7,000 members, and constantly growing!

Hardly EVER will you find an auto repair video that will go into detail of the repair. In fact, maybe 1 out of 10 videos you find MIGHT what you need. So what we did was take away all the frustration and provide a place where every video goes into such great detail that every average or professional mechanic or DIY'er will be able to complete that job the first time!

At Online Auto Repair Videos, we make your experience a very informative and pleasurable one. We go the extra mile to ensure you get high quality automotive repair videos that helps you fix that car or truck, and have our own HELPTECH program to assist if you run into issues. We encourage you to send us suggestions, comments, and feedback so we can better suit your automotive video needs in the near and distant future. Online Auto Repair Videos is constantly changing to better serve the people who depend on this website, so adjustments will be made at any given time.

If you need assistance, feel free to contact us