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Frequently Asked Questions About Online Auto Repair Videos

How does a Video Access Key work?
Once you purchase a Video Access Key, you will have access to view any automotive repair video on our website, and be able to get help with any automotive repair you need help with by submitting a repair ticket to our HELPTECH Team

Once I purchase a Video Access Key, does my time start once I view my first video?
No, your time starts the moment your Video Access Key is activated.

How do I get a Video Access Key?
Once you complete the registration process, log into your account and click on "Video Access Key" and follow the instructions to purchase your key.

I completed checkout, but did not receive a link to get my Video Access Key, what do I do?
Once you complete checkout, you must click on the button that says "RETURN TO MERCHANT" TO returns you to our website. At that point, your Video Access Key will automatically activate. If you fail to click on the return link (or for some reason your VAK doesn't activate), don't worry, just contact our support team, along with your USERNAME, and they will be able to look up your purchase, and manually activate your Video Access Key.

Can I submit a repair ticket to the HELPTECH Team for a vehicle that is not on the website?
YES, our HELPTECH team will help you through any automotive repair that you have.

Can I get a refund if I do not use my Video Access Key?
Sorry, but because Video Access Keys are digital goods (non tangible), there are no refunds on purchases, HOWEVER, if we find that you are unable to view the full length videos, and have tried all options, we are authorized to give you a full return. Our goal is to give the best support possible, and to keep our members happy!

I purchased and activated my Video Access Key, but I only get the HIGHLIGHT (short version) of the repair videos, what do I do?
We have noticed these things happen, please try the following remedies, and if they don't work, contact us.
1. If you are using a smartphone, they tend to add a "SPACE" after your username or password when loggin in, make sure there is no space.
2. Go to the home page, click on the "LOGOUT" link, close the browser, open a new browser, and then log back into your account.
3. Try viewing the videos on a different device
4. Ask a friend or relative to log into your account from where they are, and see if they can view the videos using your credentials

If your questions or concerns are not answered by this page,
please contact our support team, or visit one of our social
media pages and contact a representative.